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Whitewater kayaking

Experience a wild ride with this whitewater kayaking adventure! Paddle down Melbourne’s very own Yarra river from the seat of a two-man inflatable kayak! Tackle Bobs rock and the finger-grater rapid! Challenge yourself as you paddle down the exhilarating rapids whilst negotiating the twists and turns on this whitewater kayaking adventure!

Whitewater kayaking on the Yarra

Whitewater kayaking on the Yarra

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Experience grade 2 whitewater kayaking from the seat of a two-man inflatable kayak! Tackle Bobs rock and pinball rapid!


Challenge yourself as you paddle down the rapids whilst negotiating the twists and turns of the mighty Yarra!

This kayaking adventure is so much fun you will be smiling all day long! With the added convenience of being so close to Melbourne, it is a great trip for some action close to home!

Supercharge your day with a fun whitewater kayaking adventure on Melbourne’s very own Yarra river. The experienced team from the Adventure Merchants will kit you out with the latest gear and kayak and demonstrate how to paddle and steer the kayak with ease! Then it’s up to two fantastic adrenaline-packed hours on grade 2 rapids.

Be prepared for more than a little splashing as you paddle through the rapids and breaking waves carving their way through gorges and valleys full of native bush land. The kayaks we use are very stable and forgiving so it is suitable for total beginners to navigate their way down the rapids.

This adventure is guaranteed to get the heart pumping. So come and join us on Melbourne’s Yarra river for an awesome kayaking adventure! Great fun for Summer and winter!

*The water level is lower in summer months which make the rapids more technical. For a wild ride we recommend coming along during winter months when the water level is generally much higher with large waves and furious rapids!*

Price : $105


  • Fully guided by experts

  • All equipment including lifevest and helmet

  • GoPro mounts on all helmets

  • Shuttle back to your car


  • Maximum weight 120kg per person

  • Under 18's must be supervised and be a minimum of 10 years old.

  • You will be required to carry the kayak a short distance from the vehicle to the river.

  • You must have an average level of fitness.

What to bring

  • Closed toed footwear essential (No thongs or flip flops)

  • Dress for the weather, please avoid wearing cotton in cooler months. 

  • Water bottle

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Camera (Our helmets have go pro mounts)

  • Towel and full change of clothes for after the kayaking (Note: There are no changing facilities or toilets at the location)


We meet at the car park at the very end of Lower homestead road, Wonga park, Melbourne.

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