This Survival course is one of a kind. The ultimate survival adventure. You will be dropped off by helicopter into a desert wilderness. There is nothing around you other than harsh Australian outback for over 100 km in each direction.

As a group we need to find our way out and back to safety. You will leave the chopper with only the packs on your backs, basic equipment and a wealth of experience and knowledge from our expert Survival instructors. You will not see any kind of civilisation again for the next ten days.


You will learn how to build your own shelters, light fire using traditional methods, collect your own water and forage for food. You will learn to navigate with a compass, gps the sun and the stars. You will overcome adversity and learn the true power of positive thinking as we will essentially be lost in the outback, ten days with no civilisation or technology, no fixed camp just your own two legs, your team mates and the beautiful Australian outback.


This survival course is one of a kind and the experience is guaranteed to stay with you for a life time, this course happens only once a year and is available for 12 participants only. We are the only company in the world to offer this experience and we take great pride in being able to provide this unique survival experience in one of the planets most remote, pristine and beautiful locations.


Please note there are pre-requisites for this survival course. You must have participated in at least our two-day Survival course to be eligible to attend the Lost course. This ensures all participants are at a similar basic standard and already have experience with the basic skills necessary to complete this course. You must have a very good fitness level and a positive attitude as this course is physically and mentally demanding. We highly recommend that you consult a fitness trainer so you are in great physical form prior to the course. You must also undergo a medical evaluation from a doctor and provide us with the clearance certificate.


There will be a pre-brief day in the Pilbara prior to the course commencing which will allow you and your team mates some time to get to know one another. This day also allows your instructors to cover some briefs prior to the course commencing.

You will be walking where very few people, if any have been before, this is the remote Australian outback, you will see incredible things, experience disappointment, potentially pain and dis-comfort, exhaustion. You will also feel delight, a feeling of euphoria, incredible satisfaction and forge life long friendships with your team mates and instructors. This is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever undertake and one you will never forget.


Inclusive of


  • All equipment and supplies

  • 2 expert survival instructors

  • Full support crew consisting of 3 back up crew and 2 support vehicles

  • All fees

  • Transfers

  • Hotel on the first and last night

  • Survival kit

  • Incredible experience

  • Helicopter transfer to the designated start point.




  • The Pilbara, North western Australia, semi arid range lands (Desert environment)




  • Personal insurance and ambulance cover

  • Flights

  • Personal equipment

  • Sleeping bag

  • Snacks

  • Cutlery, bowl, plates and mugs

  • Head torches




  • Hard/ Very hard




  • You must attend at a minimum our two-day survival course or equivalent

  • You must be physically fit and able with no major medical ailments

  • You must be mentally tough and have a positive attitude

  • You must understand this is physically and mentally demanding

  • You must provide us with a medical clearance certificate




$7495 pp

Payable in 4 installments
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