We provide affordable adventures and pride ourselves on outstanding customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make adventure accessible for all and give people the ability to escape the normal routines of the daily grind! Come and try one of our local adventures and experience Melbourne’s hidden adventure gems. Let us take you into the wild and experience environments so close but yet so far from the Melbourne you know!


We aim to provide you with the most awesome adventures and expeditions in Victoria’s most breath-taking locations, we are industry leaders in adventure. The adventure merchants are about raw adventure and enabling people to partake in activities and experiences that would normally be out of reach for the everyday person.


We have decades of combined experience in the outdoor industry and this forms the solid foundation for everything that we do. Our aim is to offer the most unforgettable adventure experiences available. Our staff are all highly skilled professionals and experts in their chosen fields, who are very passionate about the outdoors and adventure and love to be able to share this passion with others. 


  1. We have a 100% safety record and are very proud of that!

  2. We employ only the best instructors and guides who make your experience awesome!

  3. All our Melbourne based adventures are generally within one hours drive of the CBD.

  4. We are always evolving our adventures to provide an outstanding experience.

  5. Our equipment is all state of the art and top of the line.

  6. Very easy and efficient automated booking system with live availability.

  7. Great customer service and fast response times on your enquiries.

  8. A price point no other company can match! Our adventures are affordable.

  9. Locally owned and proudly operated by a passionate team.

  10. We have a great range of activities and always on the hunt for new adventures.

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