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The Adventure Merchants offer a variety of tailored Outdoor education programmes and School-adventures which are great experiences for students. The programmes we offer are totally unique, our outdoor education programmes will benefit each and every pupil in a unique and individualised way.

Outdoor Education plays an important part of the school’s curriculum. Whilst being enjoyable and educational it can also break through boundaries that are difficult to overcome in the classroom. We know from experience every pupil learns differently and by incorporating school-adventures into the curriculum you are maximising their learning potential.

Outdoor education can enable students to learn through our adventure based programmes. They not only rediscover themselves and their capabilities, they can also build friendships and learn new soft skills such as leadership, initiative and trust. The transference of these skills back to the class room can be quite substantial and therefore play a vital role in the holistic development of students. It enables them to learn through adventure, as stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is the most efficient way to grow as a person.

We do things a little different, whilst many other providers tend to have a set programme which typically involves a sequence of short sessions including bushwalking, climbing, abseiling, kayaking etc., we are much more dynamic in our approach to outdoor education. We focus on building the skill set of each student. Instead of having a taster session of climbing for say three hours, we will spend a full day of progression on each activity.

We feel students respond to this type of experience as they can see themselves increasing in ability, building trust with their peers and engaging in the activity. It enables a much greater sense of accomplishment and self-reliance.

A typical five-day school-adventures programme with the Adventure merchants would involve:

  • A full day of single pitch climbing bottom and top rope belay & Abseiling
  • A full day of white-water kayaking or Rafting
  • A full day of survival instruction
  • A full day of Bushwalking
  • A full day of Caving

The above activity days will be structured for specific educational outcomes depending on the client’s requirements. At the Adventure Merchants we feel that outdoor education should be about learning the skill and practicing the skill in a safe and exciting environment which really does hone in on the desired outcomes.

Progression of students is very important in the overall success of a programme and the sense of achievement is a key factor for determining educational outcomes. If the sense of achievement factor is determined early on, the programme is much more likely to have the desired outcomes for the school.

We strive for students to push themselves beyond what they thought possible whilst still maintaining the fine line of being within the learning zone whilst doing so.

Our methods are unique and our programmes are second to none. We tailor programmes to all budgets without sacrificing quality and educational outcomes, whether you want a single day adventure or a multi-day rafting expedition down the snowy river. Be sure to give us a call for a friendly chat to discuss the programme or adventure you would like to offer your students. We are very competitively priced as we know that you may well have strict budgets in place. Pricing can be as low as $39 per student.

Why not combine 2 school-adventures in one day! Combining activities is a great way to get more out of your day it hosts a number of benefits including:

Reduced costs as your second activity is discounted.
Action packed day with better educational outcomes.
Reduced administrative duties
Less time out of school

The Adventure merchants specialise in journey based programmes, we can tailor a programme that suits your education outcomes and really drives individual outcomes for the participants. We can operate anywhere in Australia or overseas so if you have something specific in mind please give us a call or send us an email. We will work with you throughout the whole process and do the hard work for you.

Journey based programmes can deliver very positive results, they can build trust, leadership and self-reliance to name a few. These programmes generally revolve around a single activity whether that is rafting down the snowy river or hiking the great ocean track, the activity you select will impact the outcomes that you want for example, if you chose hiking as a journey based programme the results target individuals and you will have students that build self-reliance and determination more than team work and leadership, however if you select kayaking or rafting the outcomes will be more focused on team work, leadership working together to achieve a specific target.

If you want to achieve these kind of results we highly recommend a journey based programme, the adventure really cements the outcomes you want to see and the change in pupils is noticeable not only as they progress through the journey but how they implement these new skills in the class room and curriculum.

Ok let’s just have some fun, no specific outcomes or goals just loads of really great fun! Why not reward the class with a choice of school-adventures! Take them out of the classroom and let nature be the teacher with some really cool activities that the pupils and teachers will just love.
Choose from the following

White-water kayaking minimum age (14)
Flat water kayaking
City tour by pedal boat
Rock climbing and abseiling
Adventure caving
Sports rafting (Minimum age 14)
Obstacle course
Survival and bushcraft skills


We would love to hear from you to discuss the adventure you have in mind. You have found us, so why not experience one of our adventures first hand and see what we are all about with our free teacher pass! Come along on one of our weekend adventures free of charge you can even bring a friend along or a colleague, simply send us an email or give us a call to receive your free voucher.


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