Kayaking and Caving

White-water kayaking and adventure caving

This supercharged adventure day combines two exhilarating adventures; White-water kayaking and adventure caving!


This supercharged full day experience combines two exhilarating adventures; white-water kayaking and adventure caving! Your adventure will begin when you meet your guides and the rest of your tour group. You will kit up in your safety equipment and set out on the beautiful Yarra River.

Paddle through stunning gorges and valleys filled with native bushland and wildlife as you snake your way down the river you will negotiate the twists and turns of boiling rapids and fast flowing grade 1-2 white-water.

This kayaking adventure is guaranteed to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing, great fun for Summer and winter!

For bigger white-water and rapids, we recommend coming along on this kayaking adventure in winter months! The water level is generally much higher and faster flowing with large waves and surging holes! Awesome fun and highly recommended!


Get ready to explore the depths of the earth and wade through subterranean rivers, marvel at the phosphorus glow worms, cross chasms and explore the caverns of this unique granite boulder cave! Adventure caving is a great way to see the earth from a totally different perspective.

As you venture into the darkness with only your torch, you really do feel like an adventurer as you make your way into the pitch-black cave it really is like another world down there. You will spend your time underground exploring the fascinating sights of this alien underground world.

These caves have everything required for a fantastic caving experience, in fact there are only 5 known caves like this one in Victoria which makes it quite special, formed over thousands of years of water erosion these huge granite boulders jumbled on top of each other make this caving adventure a thrilling experience and houses a unique Eco-system of glow worms, cave crickets and fungi amongst others.

You will wade through subterranean rivers, crawl through some tight squeezes, climb over chasms, slide down boulders and view the beautiful glow worms. There are multiple exits and entries to the cave system, which enables even the most claustrophobic of people to have an enjoyable time.

Remember this is not your average guided walk-around caving experience- this is adventure caving! You will be crawling on your hands and knees, scrambling over rocks, sliding, navigating some tight spaces, exploring hidden caverns and getting wet and muddy. This adventure can be quite physical but guaranteed it is worth the effort.


  • Fully guided kayaking and caving day
  • All fees
  • All Safety equipment
  • Two awesome adventures
  • Expert instructors
  • Our helmets have Go Pro mounts so you can capture the thrills and spills with your own camera


  • Wonga park, we meet at the end of Lower homestead road. (Kayaking)
  • Yarra Junction, park road. (Adventure caving)


  • Minimum age 12
  • Must be under 110 kg
  • You must be able to make your own way to the sites
  • Be of average level of fitness


A full list will be emailed to you at time of booking

  • Closed toed footwear essential
  • Bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. You will need 2 sets of adventure clothing. One for kayaking and one set for caving, plus a change of clean clothes for after the activities.
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof camera if you want some pictures
  • Warmer clothing in winter months (No cotton in cooler months as this makes you cold when wet)
  • Please make sure you are wearing a long sleeved top and long pants for adventure caving.
  • You must bring a thin pair of gloves for hand protection otherwise we have them for sale on the day at $7.50 per pair.


This adventure is a full day trip we start at 10am for kayaking and finish around 17:00 for the caving.


  • $159pp



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